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Started by Errol Randle and Catalyst Ministries Founder, Calvin Sutphin, The Grace Project, is a comprehensive re-entry initiative designed to change lives of incarcerated individuals while reinvigorating communities.

Since 2016, The Grace Project has achieved the following:


  • Awarded approximately $225,000 in grants that have been focused in Ward 4 of Charleston’s West Side.

  • Successfully installed 43 video surveillance systems that cover approximately 17 blocks.

  • Have completed approximately 29 façade projects creating instant curb appeal.

  • Video surveillance footage has been provided to Charleston Police Department detectives as evidence on approximately eight criminal cases ranging from wanton endangerments to homicide.

  • The offenders are receiving vocational training in the areas of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical often being provided guidance by masters in those fields.

  • Crime reduction

  • Re-establishing of positive neighborhood norms.

  • Positive police/community relations

  • Cleaner communities

  • Increased quality of life

  • 2nd chance advocating at parole hearings has resulted in six inmates being paroled and re-entering society.

  • The Grace Project has yet to have a member that has achieved parole return to prison.

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